Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary Monica!

I don't call her theMomica around the house.

It probably wasn't your wisest decision, but now you're stuck with me. No takebacks.

I love you baby.


we are all belong

Yes! Another post. That's like win-win-win-win-win-win. Is that how many readers I have? No time for math right now.

You know what sucks? Rain. It's raining lots meaning my sprinkler system is being pushed back and making me question the very nature of the installation - what with all the rain and all. Good news is I will have a rain sensor. Not on my person, but as part of the sprinkler system. So when it rains, the system will fall silent . . .

Anyway, we're making our little baby a sissy. Well, he cries at night sometimes and off we go, scurrying about like a gaggle of geishas. Now there are many points along the "baby crying at night" spectrum from "I never let a baby cry" to "STFU Baby!" and I suppose we fall somewhere in between. Well, I am a little tougher, but I know theMomica will be running in there any second, so if I'm awake and she's not, I'll try to get to him first.

So, I'm an enabler. And I have to admit I like my rocking chair time with him. Holding a sleeping baby has got to be one of the best things there is. Especially when they get a little weight to them. It's so cozy.

At any rate, he calls. I will see you later.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

while the family sleeps . . .

HELLO! I have missed you all. Everyone comment on this post so we can share good times.

I have been out in the yard a lot. We are doing a full frontal lawn replacement. And let me tell you, it is ugly. I have an army of lawn and leaf bags on my front porch right now, standing sentry over my home. The garbage people will only let me put 25 out for pick-up per week. That sounds like a lot, right? Well, so far I've gone through about 115 bags.

Yes, I roto-tilled all the dead/weed top part and that's what I'm raking. Let me add. There's a lot of it. Anyone looking to start a compost pile? Come on down! Take all you need. Maybe I will put a sled-riding hill in the back . . . hmmm.

So, I promise to post more. This is my postly promise, I know, but I have been busy. But soon, this project will be over and I will never do anything around house again. Amen.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

thought . . .

It must really suck to have the second longest fingernails in the world.


Thursday, September 09, 2010

pizza-stuffed human

Hello my minions!

Well, tonight I was tilling the sheeet out of my yard. Pictures to follow. I think I am going to start a blog series called, "This Stupid House." And it will be all about me trying to do shit of which I am incapable. Right now, I'm fubaring up my front lawn.

You see, the previous owner of this home passed away and while her daughter made some interior improvements in preparation for selling it, the yard kind of went to pot (not the literal, smokable kind). I'd say last summer it was about 50% weed/crabgrass 50% grass mix. It was bad, but maybe salvageable. After the heat of this summer, it went to 90% BS, 10% dead and 100% irritating.

That's where I come in. I have tilled the entire front and now I must rake it. Then I have to pseudo-level it (I say pseduo because I don't know how to do it for real), then topsoil it. Then seed, water, etc.

This is sure to be a huge embarrassing failure.

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