Friday, June 07, 2013

open memo department: Ben Folds


What's with the swears?  I enjoy your music.  I enjoy the occasional f-bomb as well.  But, I got this kid in the car.  He is listening.  He's still young enough that he thinks everything daddy likes is cool.  Now, I'm sure by the time he's 4 he will know that's not the case, but for now, totally tricked. 

We want to rock out to Ben Folds, but we can't - not really.  Every other track I have to skip because it has too many swears.  The ones I don't skip I have to turn the sound down at specific moments.  I almost always catch things in time.  I would prefer not to do this.  I would prefer my son not drop f-bombs on his mother.

I only ask this because you are talented.  You can write swear-free.  I know it!  So here's to good times, to my kids' favorite song "Uh-Oh" (Hiroshima) and to a swear-free next album.


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