Wednesday, May 30, 2012

newsflash: kids are different

So, don't know if you know, but kids are different. They are not the same. And boys are different than girls. This is not bad; it is. So it goes and as it goes, Sabrina is different than Lincoln. I love me some Lincoln. He's my boy. So when you have one that you're totally in love with and the second is on the way, you kind of wonder how you're going to deal . . . ? Like will new baby be as cool as old baby? Will you love second baby as much? You know you will, but I don't know, you kind of think about it. But then your little baby blue (eyes - for now or forever?) is born. And you think you must have been insane to think you wouldn't fall instantly in love. Because you do and there is plenty of love to go around. And she just smiles and smiles at you. And you think, "I hope when I'm older and she's a teenager and I say, 'I love you baby blues,' she'll still smile like she does now. I know she won't every time, because I will be an annoying dad, but how about most of the time? Anyway, I miss you guys (which like none of you are guys). I am just busy with aforementioned babies, work (which over the course of the 13 years I've been there is kind of unusual, but over the past year or so is quite common) and school. I am still plugging away on my masters' pre-reqs and it is typically enough work/time to consume what I normally would spend blogging. But I have made this excuse before. Oh well, you know the deal. I'm still here though. And occasionally here.