Thursday, July 17, 2014

sweet, sweet comments

For the first time in years (probably), someone read the blog AND commented. I had forgotten about the soft, warm glow of receiving a new blog comment. "Someone said something about something! Must read!" It used to happen on the regular, but lately, not so much. My rare posting, the kids with their twitter/facebook, instantgrandma or whatever, it just seems like blogs have gone by the wayside. Couple that with my expanding family (3 children at last count) and general lack of an original thought and Marginally Clever has become a graveyard of dreams and a comment vacuum. Ok, I overstate what it was. It's become a blog no one writes on anymore and that even fewer people read. I am not sure how I feel about that. Perhaps I will work to remedy that, but by now I realize that I probably won't. But I do envision myself as the last survivor. Besides, May-B I think her blog is up and running again. But she changed names or some such and I don't get the RSS in my feed reader. I am too lazy to click around other things. HUGS!



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