Thursday, February 03, 2011

best regards

I wasn't going to use "your baby doesn't love you anymore" for the 3rd time. (YES! I had used it before. I didn't realize it until afterwards though.)

100,000 bonus points to Janny (aka Teacher Lady) for being the lone commenter around here lately. You see, it is hard to be a blogger and when someone takes the time out to comment on your stupid posts, it's a warm ray of appreciative sunshine on an otherwise cloudy b(l)og. Especially since I know it hasn't been 24K gold around here lately.

So, instead of burying my response way down on the comments to that post, I'll do it here. AHL games in real life are indistinguishable from NHL games on TV. There are equal gobs of awesometude. This being true despite the fact that even the one-level leap from A- to NHL is considerable. But real-life NHL from a reasonable proximity is both hypnotic and mind-blowing. I play hockey; you play hockey; what they are doing is something else entirely. As a goalie, I think they would score on me approximately 90% of the time.

There you have it. I netted 34(!) people to attend my little shindig. We got the group rate AND I got to name our group. The Lincoln Louis V Admiration Society. Now, apparently that name was too long, so I had to condense it to the L V Admiration Society. Stupid character limitations.

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