Wednesday, August 01, 2012

linuxin' ain't easy

Why do companies hate me for using Linux? I have been happily downloading MP3s off Amazon for years. At first I used their downloader and then through pymazon. I just bought an album earlier today and was met with this nonsense:
Install the Amazon MP3 Downloader We apologize — Linux is not supported. Unless you already have the Amazon MP3 Downloader installed, you will have to download songs individually from Amazon Cloud Player. JavaScript must also be enabled.
I sent them an angry email which surely has Beszos shaking in his 100,000 dollar alligator nutsack boots.
Why do you hate me? Did it cripple Amazon when I was able to *gasp* download a WHOLE ALBUM of songs at one time? I hope you realize that if I have to go log into windows somewhere there is now no reason for me not to use iTunes for my music purchases. Boo on you. Roger
I apologize that this is the first thing I've posted in so, so long, but it ticks me off! And I want all of you 2 to be outraged and tweet them into capitulation. Go forth my winged friends!

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