Friday, September 16, 2011

RS2 is my favorite.

(Excepting the hour when RS4 is taking my car into the shop.)

I mean, I figured that went without saying.

Oh, want to go down to my football game tomorrow? Lincoln might want cousins there . . . not sure how entertained he'll be by watching me hyperventilate from being like 40 pounds over weight right now. But man, was that a good cookie.


wtf? write your own blog

Ok, so I know I've been horribly negligent. I can honestly say that I've been spending lots of my free time working on Discrete Math. (Bron - it's still won't make out with me!) Does anyone still come here? I mean, I rarely do.

Anyway, as I've recounted in this space, I wasn't much of a student last time around. I think I defined my own personal "old college try" and Ky earned like 500,000 bonus points for processing that correctly. Ky is like the most likely person to get my obscure rambling jokes. I'm not sure what this means, other than we are disturbing in a similar fashion. I digress . . . well, I disgressed, I plan on stopping now.

I told Janny that "math is hard." Barbie wasn't f#cking kidding. I mean, I know there was a big stink about it, but it's not like she said "Addition is hard" or "Addition of small integers is hard." Who knows what kind of maths Barbie had her hands in? Also, the algebra, it is rusty. As a computer guy working on business systems, I'm constantly using your basic 8x + 4 = 84 kind of stuff, but beyond that, I have to constantly remind myself if a = b and therefore = c??

The last 800 words were one way of saying that I've been doing schoolwork, like a good boy. I am as studious as Alan! (Ok, I think I have mentioned every person who may at some point read this.) It's be depressing if I had the numbers in front of me, but I've probably spent more time on this class than I did in whole semesters of college. This is a gross overstatement, but true enough in spirit. False, but accurate, eh?

So I just bought Cease to Begin off Amazon and am cloud playing it. It is not as awesome as I remember it. My memory had an awesomeness inflation factor of 3. Maybe I am just bitter that I paid 10 bucks for it. Stupid cloud.

Anyway, I still heart you times 2n + 1.

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