Thursday, July 14, 2005

Adventures in Spam Email Senders VI

Hello from the bowels of my yahoo email account! I'm here to explore actual sender names from the hundreds of spam email messages I (and I'm sure you) receive every week. I swear, these are actual spam email "senders". (Previous Editions here: i,ii,iii,iv,v.)

Nice L. HangoverNeveer met one of these. Is that what happens when you get drunk using a screwy straw?
Motorcycling U. YodelsThis is the second leading case of motorcycle accidents. Please folks, don't yodel and ride.
Oddball K. HunchbackedI would say most oddballs (myself excluded) are hunchbacked and ALL hunchbacks are oddballs. Even the hunchback that rejected me in college. (I didn't notice at first, but it got really pronounced once I figured out I wasn't going to score.)
Veryromanticguy2001Begat inloveguy2002, begat heartbrokenguy2003, begat youcanshovethatrestrainingorderguy2004, begat coldanddeadinsideguy2005.
RogerIt's only a hobby. I swear.


Blogger NewYorkMoments said...

Great minds think alike.

8:48 AM

Blogger roger said...

You and she?

3:49 PM


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