Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I don't often link to outside articles (the temptation would be too great for you to leave and never come back), but earlier today I read something of particular personal interest. I have often wondered about cat lovers. I don't sit around and stress over it or anything, but it's kind of strange to me that people adore an animal that couldn't care less about them. Life is about mutuality, eh? Besides, you couldn't train a cat to get you a beer, they're not big enough for monkeys to ride and really, if your house is burning down, they're not going to bother to scratch your face and wake you up. I guess such selfishness is attractive to some. But then I read something disturbing. Are cat lovers attracted to that fierce feline independent streak or is it that THEIR CATS ARE CONTROLLING THEIR MINDS?!

p.s. Someone inform RS3.


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