Monday, June 13, 2005

Adventures in Spam Email Senders V

Hello from the bowels of my yahoo email account! I'm here to explore actual sender (display) names from the hundreds of spam email messages I (and I'm sure you) receive every week. I swear, these are actual spam email "senders". (Previous Editions here: i,ii,iii,iv.)
Kick G. SkinheadSure. Kick the skinhead. Then run like hell. Skinheads are mean and they're fast.
Disparages O. SidekickSad is the superhero who bashes his own sidekick. Shame on Batman for saying, "Robin? I don't know. Seems kind of gay to me."
Lamebrain H. JewelHey don't kill the messenger.
GlenNot a good name, but the subject made me laugh, "Do it". (If you don't know the movie, get to know the movie.)
RogelioIf I ever become an Italian pop star, this is totally my stage name


Blogger Joe said...

Sure, but with a name like that, isn't Disparages O. Sidekick kind of asking for it?

7:59 AM


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