Thursday, July 14, 2005


Just some incoherent randomness . . .
  • Nothing brings out the crackheads like a free hot dog. Downtown today there was a listener lunch hosted by a local radio station. They come down and broadcast (some sweet 80's hits in this case) and give away a lunch. It's usually a hot dog, bag of chips, Coke Zero, nothing spectacular, but hey, free dummy. A co-worker and I were enjoying our food, standing and chatting. A third guy, we'll call him, interruptingHobo stood next to us as if he were part of our conversation. Now if he had tried to interject, on topic, in our conversation, he had a shiny nickel coming his way, but no, he simply shook the cup. I was content to ignore him, but my co-worker acknowledged his presence. Predictably, he asked for change as if the cup shaking weren't demonstrative enough. Now, it takes brass balls to panhandle at a FREE lunch event. I mean, WTF? You're basically admitting you're buying booze. We all know that's what they do with the money, but wasn't it pleasant when they at least pretended to be nourishing themselves? Oh how I long for the old days. I'm all, "Dude, free hot dog - go nuts." He says, "Do you know what hot dogs are made of?" Guess you gotta have standards. I actually didn't get a chance to say anything to him before some security guy moved him about 3 feet down the street. Then, not 2 minutes later, gandhiHobo sat down next to use. He was Indian looking, long white beard, shirtless, sitting Indian style and not at all resisting smelling like ass. We were just down wind of gandhiHobo and my food was still digesting; goodbye gandhiHobo fighting oppression must be dirty work.
  • WTF? Through some evil which shall not speak its name, I saw an episode of this show. I'm convinced the whole damn thing is scripted as none of the banter between hosts and judges (the remaining members of INXS) seemed genuine. Dave Navarro functioned as some sort of liaison to the band. He kept intimating to the contestants that the newly formed INXS would be performing in front of 100,000 people as the old INXS once did. Uh, sure you little rock munchkin, you. Shouldn't you be hosting the auditions for the lollipop guild? At any rate, this guy is sweet.
  • I caught an episode of Real World Austin. I don't watch a whole lot of the tube outside of the Indians (Go Tribe!) and other sporting events plus I have significant Netflix obligations. Regardless, it's standard MTV fare, but Wes freaked me out. There's something deeply wrong with him. We all agree? Good.

That's all I got for today. I'll try to get mugged or something tomorrow so you're not so bored.


Anonymous Dana said...

Ain't that something. Beggars *can* be choosers. I see my dating calendar opening up now!

8:07 PM


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