Thursday, December 10, 2009


Keds make Converse All-Stars look like . . . . . (holding . . . holding . . .)

I don’t know; it’s too early to think of a good analogy.

But it's never too late for a simile!

I did post this before. Had I scrolled down like 3 posts, I would have noticed that, but I was so stunned by my handsome pose there, that I just kind of stared at myself, slack-jawed. I'm not going to lie to you; I get a lot of shit for drinking Bud out of cans. I'm a grown man! I'm 33 years old! I can handle Bud out of a can! I had to yell this a lot in New England. When we were there I could NOT get a regular Budweiser. They would always come back with Bud Light. Now, I was enunciating clearly and I didn't have that irritating NE accent, so you'd think they'd be on-board, but I was apparently incomprehensible. I mean, it's not like I ordered the atomic, Andromeda strain wings or something and they thought better to give them to me. It's just Budweiser. Just a little more flavorful than the Lights, domestic.

At any rate, you'll notice that the new version of this post is slightly more hilarious. Even this second time around I have no idea what this dud was going for. Keds/Converse all-stars. That's an historic battle of shoe industry giants. Ok. I'm off to re-write all my posts.

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