Friday, November 20, 2009


Good morning, my name is Roger and I’m a Twilight widower.

I know what you’re thinking. WTF is Twilight. Well, it’s Harry Potter for slightly older kids and apparently my wife and her friends. Twilight is a series of books that is becoming a series of movies and the 2nd of the Twilight series opened last night at midnight. That’s fine. But while I was alone, in my cold, cold bed, theMonica was at Crocker Park watching a bunch of teenage vampires traipse about fantasyland. Yes, it’s another teen vampire movie. I thought Lost Boys/Buffy pretty much shut the door on that sub-genre, but I was wrong. What’s it all about? Why so popular? I’m not sure. So far as I can tell it’s about a clown – a sad clown – a sad clown that won’t put out for his girlfriend. Maybe he’s shy, maybe he has the heiny, maybe he’s repressing something. I can’t really judge because I’ve only seen about 8 minutes of the first movie, but that doesn’t prevent me from judging. He also apparently goes out as a clown because clown make-up allows twilight vampires to withstand daylight. What?? Yah. And they put garlic on their pizza and wear crucifixes. They destroyed all the classic vampire tropes! I don’t even think they can turn into bats and fly or even count really well. Way to ignore hundreds of years of monster history twilight creator!

I’m trying to think of any movie I’ve seen on opening night and . . . . none. I think I saw Rushmore pretty early in its short, short run – me and about 8 other people. My buddy and I were the only ones laughing. But I didn’t have to stand in line to get in. And I didn’t dress like a vampire. But really, it’s not a big deal . . . at least until Teen Beat starts arriving in the mail. Then I might have to put my foot down. I only hope theMonica wore a bellyfold so our unsuspecting baby wasn’t subjected to all that chest-heaving, teenage angst-y vampiring.



Blogger May-B said...

She got to go on the opening night? JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:13 AM

Blogger Teacher Lady said...

I'm rolling my eyes at May-B. Way to be sympathetic.

Details put out an article this week So the Woman You Love Has the Hots for a Vampire. What Does That Say About You?

10:51 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

But there weren't just vampires in this one! WEREWOLVES, too!

1:03 PM

Anonymous T said...

I'm pretty sure we happened upon Army of darkness on opening night. It turnedd out to be pretty cool even though we were not one of the cult followers so we didnt get all of the "inside" jokes. I cant remember. I'm old.

11:47 PM

Blogger Boomhauertjs said...

At least she's not following a certain boy band all across the country...

10:11 AM


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