Monday, October 26, 2009


I happened to look at my sitemeter. The stuff the people want is here (well, this is just an user video of what you want). It's also here which I mentioned elsewhere on this blog. The basic deal is that this band(?) takes classical music, modifies it and writes words for it. Do you remember that McDonald's commercial with words written for Fur Elise (redundant, right?)? Well, they might be onto something because I still remember the lines about the fries and her brother. Nice marketing there.

I'm way up the search engine results for this one because I coupled M00nlight S0nata and BEAP BEAP BEAP in separate posts. I misspell here because people are not wanting to accidentally come to this blog.

Since I'm just passing off content and not providing any kind of meaningful service. Have you seen this? Whenever I see the "making of" of a project like this I am both horrified and amazed. How does one become so meticulous? I mean, wow. I'd be a totally lazy animator. How did the fox get all the way over there? I'll tell you how. Self-teleportation. The fox is also trans-dimensional. Shut it kid.

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