Monday, November 09, 2009

some girls' mothers are bigger than other girls' mothers

So, the groundhog saga continues. We put a trap out which the next day, theMonica told me contained the DEAD groundhog. I went home to discover a LIVE POSSUM. This was unexpected. I let him go back behind our fence (which is some kind of sewer run-off area). If you've never seen a possum run, I recommend the trapping/letting it go free.

Why would the groundhog have been dead? Well, we put some rat poison in the trap. The possum wisely opted for the apple slice and leafy green vegetables rather than the poison. Possums are crafty like that, I suppose. Now I'm kind of at a loss. I suppose we will try to trap it again and then (as my friend's dad euphemistically puts it) "teach it how to swim." (Honestly, I don't know if I can pull that off).

Ceasing groundhog talk . . . here is my view of undershirts:

I wear them, frequently. You see, I was once afflicted with sweating man's disease. The name is an accurate description of the symptoms. This being the case, I would often wear a super-powerful brand of antiperspirant call Mitchum. Mitchum is essentiall superglue and plaster of paris. This being the case, if you did NOT wear an undershirt, you would soon find most of your "outer" shirts stained and effectively ruined. So now, rightly or wrongly, I continue to wear undershirts with all most all my other shirts - excepting t-shirts (might wear something with t-shirts depending on the temp). Undershirts are fascinating!

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Dude, a LIVE POSSUM. That's nuts.

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