Monday, November 30, 2009

the gorging continues then fades

Well, my peoples, Thanksgiving is over. Do Canadians know why I was away? I assume yes. I remember when I was in Toronto being fascinated with the coverage of US news. It was like being in the US! And then I met some Canadian chicks and gave one my email (SHE asked!) and she never emailed me. I can only assume because she hated/s Americans. Right? I mean, why wouldn't you email me? Deep-seated resentment - yes. Oh, but after that night, the next day I was like top 25 hangovered. Ugh. And we were driving across town to see a buddy's cousin at work. The driver of the car was a big stop-go guy. Like if he could move the car 8 feet he'd slam on the gas and then the brake. When we go to the coffee shop-type place I ordered eggs and dry toast. They thought dry toast was some weird American thing, but really I was just trying to prevent projectile vomiting in their nice establishment. (Side note: "projectile" is the Q to the U of vomiting, not only recommended, but necessary.)

Speaking of being drunk, I was trying on Thanksgiving. But the thing is (and as hoboes everywhere have taught us) continually shoving food in your turkey hole makes it difficult to get your buzz on. Forget turkey - stuffing, desserts, candies, green beans - whatever - all of them are buzz killers, but oh-so delicious. Lesson learned.

On a serious not, give my dad a shout out to JC/your preferred deity/send some good vibrations. He has been struggling health-wise and has sarcoma (a cancerous tumor of connective tissue). The prognosis is mixed; most importantly, it has not spread. Unfortunately, they're concerned about the blood flow to his leg/the possibility of him losing it. So, just putting it out there. I try not to worry about things that have not happened, but it's tough when it's your pops.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding your dad and the JC: Will do.

12:07 PM

Blogger May-B said...

Sorry about your dad, Roger. You have a good following for this. Three of us were there with our mom, and numerous of us know JC. Good vibes to all of you.

12:11 PM

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