Wednesday, September 27, 2006

art is a dish best served drunk

So, I went to the Cursive show tonight with Alan (blog non-updater buddy).

This story really begins at the physical therapist's. My left hammy has been bothering me lately - not something fierce. It's just running at like 85%. Not hindering me from doing anything, but not really helping out, you know? At any rate, I went to the doctor and she sent me to the PT.

The PT is a sadistic one. The first two weeks all I had to do was stretch. Ok, not so bad. Then I went for another session this week. My PT added a few strengthening exercises for my hamstring. I did them in the PT-type area - that was fine. Today, Alan was coming to pick me up and I had to make a decision . . . dinner or hammy . . . hammy or dinner . . . what to do??? Ok, hammy.

Minutes later, sweat, torrents, streaming down my face, swamp ass building strength . . . I can't even begin to explain the type of thing I was doing. Ok, I can begin. Left leg straight, right leg raised behind me, right arm holding something (a football in my case) in front of me, back straight . . . ? Huh? Yah, the back is supposed to be straight, like a table. WTF PT? It's not easy. All I'm sure I accomplished was an uncomfortable increase in body temperature.

On to the show . . . it was very good. I enjoyed it and I was a little empty-stomached, so the Pabst was having an accelerated effect on me. After a couple of cocktails, I went to the "merch area" as they were calling it. I bought a poster (1 of 64, woot!), a t-shirt and a CD. These were all good things. The poster especially. It was ten dollars. The first piece of art I actually wanted to buy and it was only 10 bones? How did I pull that off? Not sure, but I told the artist that 10 dollars was too cheap and I gave him a two-dollar tip. I'd take post a picture, but, alas, no camera - sorry.

If you'd like to sell me some art, please see me this Friday evening (later on) - thank you.


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