Monday, September 11, 2006

Netflix: The Seventh Seal (1957)

The Seventh Seal starring:

That guy from Strange Brew . . .

Oksana Baiul . . .

Death . . .

And introducing in his first motion picture appearance - Rotten Human Head . . .

I joke, because it's what I do, but it was a very good film.


Anonymous Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

This is on my list of movies to see, I know it was on TV the other day, but I caught it too late for TiVo to go back and record the beginning.

I LOVE Ming the Merciless.

7:22 AM

Blogger NewYorkMoments said...

I've had the same Netflix movie sitting on the top of my TV for 3 weeks. I should probably watch it someday.

4:13 PM

Blogger Nukie said...

Now This is a movie that I can get into.

If my local Blockbuster doesn't have it, I may just have to give that Netflix free trial a chance.

The last movie I saw was:

"The Frisco Kid"

I gave it 4 stars.

(Why is it that ever since the invention of the Blog, everyone is suddenly a movie critic?)

11:49 AM


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