Sunday, September 17, 2006

30 is the new 28

Due to a death in the family, I've been unblogavailable. I saw a cousin and he said 40 was the new 30. I was thinking that would mean 30 couldn't be the new/old 30, so it had to be something else, right? I was thinking 30 couldn't be the new 20 because you can't legally drink when you're 20. Nor could 30 be the new 25 because really, when you're 25, maybe you're like me and you have a full-time job, but maybe you're still like me and you go out all the time and you're generally young and fancy-free (is that a real construct wtf does fancy-free come from? Maybe I'm confusing it with something else, but one-click answers is puttin' on the fritz, so you're left to your own devices.) Finally, after much thought and a delcious, moist brownie, I decided that 30 is the new 28. 28 is the earliest age that feels the same as this age 30. Keep that in mind those of you in the under-30 crowd. Really makes you think.

At any rate, I will return to you as soon as I'm able. Enjoy my links in the meantime.


Blogger May-B said...

Sorry about your relative. Sucks lots.

Are you just pretending that 30 is 28 so you don't have to admit you're 30?

11:46 PM

Blogger djn said...

How about 37? I know you're not there yet but I feel about 33 1/2 (plus 33 is my favorite number). So can I say I'm 33 or is it just like I'm 33.

Pass the brownies...

8:42 AM

Blogger Teacher Lady said...

Is DJN implying she wants to get high?
I thought 50 was the new 30. That's what I saw on a t-shirt today.

1:51 PM

Blogger May-B said...

Mmm brownies.

50 is only the new 30 if it's a man turning 50. Because then he feels he can date 30 yr olds. Yuck.

3:15 PM

Blogger Joe said...

My condolences.

Meanwhile, I guess I have no choice but to meditate on naked time at the gym until you return.

Umm...hold on. That doesn't sound right at all.

5:04 PM

Blogger NewYorkMoments said...

Yikes. Sorry about the death in the family. I'm just glad it wasn't you.

10:30 PM

Blogger roger said...

Thanks all for the well wishes. NYM you made me LOL. I'm DRUNK though.

12:03 AM


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