Tuesday, September 26, 2006

a few things . . .

  • theMonica says that when she sees the map-of-the-world shower curtain in my bathroom she sees an old man. Well you know what I see? Somebody that'll be really good at geography.
  • I'm not sure who owns the Ramones catalog these days, seeing as how they all off and died, but Sunday's episode of the Simpson's featured Beat on the Brat. Now, I'm all for shilling, if that's your bag, but the Ramones didn't do much of it whilst they were in control of things (no, Pet Sematary doesn't count). It's kind of sad that so soon after their passing, their legacy is being whored. Good song though.
  • This is where the third thing goes which I can no longer remember what it was going to be. They say the memory goes first - or maybe it's the eyesiight.


Blogger Alan said...

I don't really consider having a song used on a TV show a sign of "selling out." Don't forget, the Ramones were on an episode of The Simpsons during Season 3 or 4 where they played at Mr. Burns' birthday party. Now "Blitzkrieg Bop" being used for Pepsi and Cingular? That poses a problem.

10:07 PM

Anonymous Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Quick - what is the capital of Turkmenistan?

11:17 PM

Blogger roger said...

Alan: Not at all, but I wonder if it's a portend of things to come.

SGSS: Ashgabat! (I totally cheated.)

7:02 AM

Blogger High Desert Diva said...

Looking at what you wrote for your "third thing", it sounds as if TheMonica was correct all along...and...erm....that it's just the right shower curtain for you. ;D

10:59 AM

Blogger May-B said...

My ex totally had that same shower curtain. I loved it because I could look at all the places I wanted to travel someday. (And it had funny pictures of animals on all the countries.)

6:34 PM

Blogger roger said...

HDD: You win the prize for finding the most (stupid) indecipherable joke. Congrats!

May-b: Animals? What? This is serious business, there are absolutely no animals on this shower curtain.

6:44 AM

Blogger May-B said...

Then your shower curtain sucks. What good is a map of the world if there is no hoppy kangaroo in Australia or spouting blue whale in the ocean???

6:15 PM


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