Monday, April 14, 2008

there's no shame in personal hygiene

theMonica, Alan, RS3 and I went to a rock show over the weekend. It was actually a pretty nifty little event where they take a bunch of local musicians and created new, random bands from the musician pool, making sure not to group friends, bandmates, dopplegangers, etc. It's safe to say we all had a good time.

I think most people did and the popularity/logistics of the event made for a crowded venue. That's fine. I'm not so claustrophobic. Odoraphopic though? Check. Apparently, new American Hipsters, with their tapered jeans and unkempt looks are actually taking it to the NEXT level. Gone are the days of just looking dirty. Now they are actually dirty. And smelly too. Is it productive to rebel against personal cleanliness? I thought not, but apparently stench is the choice of the new generation.

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