Monday, March 31, 2008


The zombie fever has broken and the floodgates have opened. Now the massive cranial snot-product build-up must be purged. (If this isn't sufficiently graphic/disgusting, please let me know.)
I'm blowing through kleenex like Michael J. Fox through mall parking lots.

Ok, that was from a couple of days ago. I'm feeling mucho bettero, yo. Thanks for asking. I'd say I'm at 10% sinal leakage. Much better than the 80 to 90% I was running at over the weekend. However, I fear my poor, chafed nose may never forgive me.

Today is the Indians home opener. And guess what? It's not going to snow (please Lord, don't inundate us with snow due to my insolence)! It's fun and exciting and I'll be there after I bust out a half day of work. SNOOOZE. And it must be a tough ticket as the scalpers were out bright and early today. I even saw a whole transaction take place in the middle of the street. Car door to car door scalper sales! The following drivers were very patient. I heard nary a honk.

Happy (for real) opening day everyone! Go Tribe!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad the Zombie fever has broken. I'm back to work, too, now that I've stopped eating brains.

6:33 PM


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