Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I WENT TO THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS SHOW LAST NIGHT WITH ALAN AND A2Z. IT WAS REALLY GOOD. WHAT'S THAT? Oh, sorry. I didn't realize I was shouting. It was really loud last night and my ears are still ringing. No I am not suffering from voice immodulation disorder.

Yah, so anyway, it was a good show. I didn't have anything to say about it. I just wanted to use my ALL-CAPS joke. I know. Hilariously stupid.

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Blogger Alan said...

WHAT'S THAT? I CAN'T QUITE HEAR YOU! HA HA ha ha h...oh, I guess it's not as funny the second time around.

9:46 PM

Blogger Joe said...

Not a big fan of that particular band, which probably explains why I wasn't there.

Or at least that's the excuse I'm going with.

7:55 AM


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