Thursday, December 13, 2007

the economy will flow amber with the grease of my vomit

"Guy who just had a baby and never goes out anymore" emailed me this interesting tidbit from some bs some-such he had to observe via interweb tubage and I paraphrase quote:

"7-14% of Americans drink over 50% of the alcohol consumed in this country."


"If every American drank only 2 alcoholic beverages per day (every day of the year), alcohol sales would drop by 40%."

I'm assuming we're talking 2 drinks per Americans over the legal drinking age or we'd have a bunch of disillusioned drunk babies on our hands . . . "She stopped giving me the nipple, so I started hittin' the bottle. I don't need to talk to you! I'm allowed!" Duh, I mean literal babies as opposed to cry babies. All literal babies are cry babies, but not all cry babies are literal ones. I'm like Descartes over here.

At any rate, by my calculations, 15% of you are enjoying this post of a snifter of brandy. Drink on, dear reader, drink on.

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Blogger Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Huh. I know which percentage I represent.

11:04 PM


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