Tuesday, November 27, 2007

some thoughts on commercials

  • Ok, jewelry/diamond industry - we get it. Jewelry/diamonds make good gifts. Don't worry you're the perennial fallback for every guy with a significant other, you know, if the vacuum we're looking to gift is out of stock or whatnot.
  • Have you seen the Lexus commercial with the wife/mother getting the new car? The husband/father is outside with their kid and a new Lexus for the wife. He calls her and pretends he has to work late and can't pick-up the kid. She agrees to do it, but is giving a ton of attitude, including hanging up on him while he's saying, "I love you.". They are intimating he does this often? It's unclear. She goes outside and is elated by her new car. So the message is either: 1. It's ok to be an absentee father so long as you buy your wife a Lexus (kids are SOL). OR 2. Occasionally, you have to work late to bring home the bacon and your insufferable bitch of a wife can't take time away from the comforts you provide in order to pick-up your kid. The only way to appease her - new car. The commercial confuses.
  • The new "Dude" Bud Light commercials. Might not be universally liked as my mom said, "What's the point of that? He says 'dude' about everything?"

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