Tuesday, December 04, 2007

the tyra banks show is the best on tv

I know - bold claim. But you're going to have to take my word for it until you watch it yourself.

The first episode I saw Tyra had created "Tyra Town" (basically a large, dark room) in which women were "honest" with other women about their (the other women's) bodies. This required flesh-colored body suits, which were hilarious in and of themselves. I mean, what percentage of the population looks good in a flesh-colored bodysuit? 1? .1?

Anyway, the catch was that Tyra had created as many placecards as their were women. Each card could only be used once. As the women discussed which card to present the judgee, she was standing behind a "wall" (an empty white frame hanging from the ceiling). Picture frames cannot stop sound though and this is where most of the hilarity stemmed from.

For the first 10 to 15 women, the descriptions were . . . generous. This was much to the chagrin of brutally-honest European lady. My favorite quote from her was, "We should really think about using the 'Fat Slob' card for her." Oh yah, she was gold. 99% evil, 1% looked ok in that flesh-colored bodysuit. And that was where her power lied. Of course, Tyra is mad smart. She made Euro go last. And guess what was the only card left. "Fat Slob." This did not sit well with Euro.

She expressed her displeasure to everyone when they would cut to in-studio discussion where Tyra would interrogate the women, "You think she's a fat slob?" And crazy Euro lady's all, "I'm afraid to say, cuz she might eat me." It's just something you have to watch.

Oh, also, catch the episode where they gussy-up the ugly sister and uglify the good-lookin' sister. Tyra was uglified as well. And then they hired a bunch of guys to say incredibly cruel things to them. Sadly, Euro lady was not there to lay down the law.

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Blogger Chris said...

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7:38 AM

Blogger Soph said...

Awesome! You watched this trash too? I could not help myself. Tyra's show is the worst. The Euro lady was my fave too, she made the show.

Lair looks amazing in a flesh colored body suit.

Did you see the one where Tyra put on the exact same swim suit that she was called fat in by the tabloids? It was great she broke down into tears after teaching the audience & viewers about camera angles & then cried out to those people who put other people down ending by saying "kiss my fat ass" as she slapped it. Priceless really.

9:38 AM

Blogger may-b said...

This is the reason I also watch America's Next Top Model. Tyra is full of the crazies. I've never seen her TV show, but now I am so going to watch it.

4:17 PM

Blogger Alan said...

Wait, I thought "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" was the best show on TV.

9:27 PM

Anonymous Guy who never leaves the house now that he has a baby said...

I can't watch anything with Tyra without making the Butkowski disbelief face to Jen every 30 seconds, which is usually enough to get her to change the channel. Vapid is funny at first, then annoying, then rage-inducing.

10:19 AM

Blogger roger said...

The best thing about Tyra is what Soph described. Tyra's all "positive body image!", "beauty's on the inside," "beautiful people aren't better than you!" And then a tabloid prints one picture of her looking not-so svelte and she reduced to a blubbering mess. Suck it up Tyra.

10:34 AM

Blogger Queen of West Procrastination said...

Wait a minute: Tyra re-used the flesh-coloured bodysuits? She made the Top Model contestants use them this season, for some unknown reason, when she was teaching them how to dance for an Enrique Iglasias video. And they were UnFlattering. And she didn't wear one herself. (She wore a black thing and a shawl and a bunch of stuff.)

It made absolutely no sense. At least in the context on the Tyra show, you could almost see where she got the insane idea.

12:42 PM


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