Wednesday, November 14, 2007

another day

I forgot the faceplate for my car stereo so I was forced to maintain radio silence during my commute to work. I try to avoid thinking for as long as possible in the morning as the two of us do not agree with each other.

Anyway, the mind wanders. I saw a guy driving a pick-up with a Maine license plate. You don't see many of those around here. And I thought, "Man, I wish I knew a guy from Maine and I could always ask, 'Are you the Maine man?'" And I laughed a little to myself. And then I kept thinking about how anonyingly hilarious this would be to me and how the guy from Maine would hate me, but try to laugh every time, because he was a nice guy. Dang. I should have rammed that truck.

And so you see, the morning and I are enemies. This morning this post seemed like a great treat for everyone, but the lucidity of the afternoon reveals it's sub-par, even by my standards. But the afternoon is also sadistic. I hope you've enjoyed this dose of Marginally Clever. Sucker.

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Blogger Alan said...

I want my 32 seconds back.

5:27 PM

Blogger may-b said...

Really? Because I totally wish I had a friend from Maine now. I bust a gut.

3:00 AM


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