Tuesday, November 20, 2007

tuesday is the new hump day

I am getting old. Well, I am at least getting sleepier as I thought old people slept less. I used to routinely go to bed after 1 and be at work after 7 (and before 7:30, wiseass). theMonica and I went to see No Country for Old Men last night. I liked it a lot. I think I loved it, but I want like to see it again to confirm. You know what I mean? Mostly what this guy said. At any rate, I could not wake-up this morning. And my arrival time has gradually been creeping later in the morning. Is this a function of being married?

Two people that are annoying me at work lately . . . Oscar the grouch (via his looks and not his attitude) asks me, nearly every day, "Are you still married?" He thinks it is the most hilarious thing (I mean, obviously). And ok, I chuckled at his persistence over the first 3 weeks, but now it's a little much. Oscar - go back to your garbage can.

Another person I've helped do some stuff and I don't get a thank you. It's just rude. Granted, I'm a big proponent of the driving "thank you wave," so maybe I'm a little sensitive. Nonetheless a little civility can go a long way. Anyway, you're welcome.

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Anonymous Hooper said...

Oh, the driving wave. Whatever happened to that? I do it all the time and people look at me like I'm from another planet. Jen pointed out that it went away with the turn signal. Sad.

5:19 PM

Blogger Alan said...

I also saw the same film last night. Were you the guy two rows behind me at the Cedar Lee who kept wheezing throughout the film?

5:20 PM

Anonymous TC said...

Problem. Solution. The next time that guy asks you if you are still married, you punch him right in the eye. For the next week or so (or as long as the eye is bruised) you playfully ask him: "Is your eye still black?" Granted, I know this isnt your style but, you know, whatever.

12:59 AM


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