Monday, November 26, 2007

thumbnail sketches

Wednesday: Drunk.

Thursday: Stuffed, drunk, Scattergories!

Friday: Casino Royale - wishing I was drunk.

Saturday: A buddy of mine had a wine tasting party/contest. It might as well have been a pig anus cook-off. Not a big fan of the wine. In my judgement, bad taste, bad buzz, bad hangover. That's the trifecta of death, my friends. Now, don't get all wine-snob on me. I don't care much for reasons, but I know what I like. And wine is not one of those things. But, Great Lakes Christmas Ale is. I had 2 of those and stopped since I was driving and after 2 Christmas Ales - all bets are off. I'm pretty sure it's what mommy was downing before "kissing" Santa Claus - if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Sunday: Watched some football. Then had a hockey game at 10:15 (PM!). The problem with the late games is it's tough to get to sleep. And it was depressing to start the week off with such a huge, embarrassing (9-1) failure. As goalie, I take these things personally.

Monday: ZZzzZZzZZZzZZ . . .

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