Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I know I've already pimped the Pandora on this blog. It's the finest in internet radio, created soley to please you, yes you, you that specific person reading this, not you in the plural, general, generic sense.

You give Pandora names of bands which you like. These bands are grouped into your own personal stations. (I put all mine into one station, but you could break it up by style or era or whatever else.) Pandora takes this information and plays music for you. Then you thumb it - up or down. It'll play something and you'll be all, "Hey, I like that." Then you can ask Pandora, "Hey, Pandora! Bro! What's up? Why did you play that Cause and Effect song?" And Pandora will say something like:

You see, Pandora employees a crack staff of golden-eared smarties who break down songs into identifiable musical characteristics. The characteristics from songs you like are identified in other songs. I didn't particularly care for the Cause and Effect song, but it made sense to me why Pandora would have selected it. Naturally, it starts pretty hit-or-miss with the idea that it gets more and more accurate as you rate additional songs.

So, use Pandora, but a word of caution - leave it running for a couple of hours and you want to buy like 15 new CDs you didn't even know about yesterday.


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