Wednesday, August 31, 2005

i dream of funny

Sometimes I'll dream of "jokes." I say "jokes," because that which I dream of is not funny in the "awake" world, but in dreamland my jokes are six sides of hilarity! In some higher level of consciousness I'll think, "I need to remember that! It's gold! Hello comedic fame and fortune!" And I'll think it's the good stuff. The stuff I keep on my ultra- secret and hilarious blog that you don't even know about. As opposed to the blog you are reading now. This blog is for all my crappy stuff or jokes that my team of writers craft that don't make the grade. I don't pay 87 cents per joke for nothing.

Anyway, the other night I had one of these unfunny dreams. And the dream joke does not disappoint. I don't remember the dream circumstances of the joke, nor do I remember any other part of the dream. It went something like this:

guy1: Let's hit the sack.
guy2: What are you talking about dude? Why would we go to bed at noon? Together?
guy1: Not that sack dude. Let's hit the HACKY sack.

Dream mind was all, "Roger, you are fucking brilliant! Even in your sleep you're thinking of hilarious stuff about hacky sacks and whatnot. Keep up the good work." Inexplicably, this dream stayed with me all throughout the night. I wake and think, "Wait. I had a dream last night with a funny joke. What was it again? . . . How stupid. It's too dull even for a "dialogue" post. Disappointment rushed over me. I should have stayed asleep.


Blogger NewYorkMoments said...

Maybe if you added a dream analysis to this joke, it might help you to understand why it was so hysterical.

What does it mean when you dream about hacky sacks? And, of course, there's the whole homoer*tic side to this whole thing. Erm...2 guys, hit the sack? Or, dare I say sac?

3:38 PM

Blogger Joe said...

Stick with it, Roger. I have the feeling you're on the verge of striking comedy gold with this one.

8:18 AM

Anonymous solyluna said...

LOL @ NYM....Roger this joke can go in so many different ways.

9:11 AM

Blogger theclamwhisperer said...

I hope you've joined an after hours union. You deserve time-and-a-half for working nights. Tough gig...

2:44 PM

Blogger roger said...

Solyluna: How about you just LOL and then we can all think we're funny? Besides, how do you think I keep NYM coming back for more . . . that's right homoeroticism.

catchyo . . .etc: Actually no. Wait, is that a drinking organization? I'm definitely in one of those. If I had to work many nights I'd definitely complain - a whole lot . . . on the blog.

9:04 PM

Blogger nukie310 said...

I know exactly what you mean, at 3:00am things seem so funny or brilliant only to discover the idea is missing something after a cup of coffee. You wouldn't beleive how many plays, jokes, songs, or scientific discoveries I have made while asleep.

8:18 AM


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