Tuesday, July 26, 2005

thanks god

A few weeks ago I was, once again, SMAO (sweating my ass off) due to the sweltering heat. So I decided to move my mattress into my living room. You see, dear friends, my bedroom is without conditioned air. Under normal circumstances (any summer beside the hottest summer in the history of mankind) this isn't a problem as the cooler night air along with a fan are sufficient for a comfortable night's sleep. These days the night air is "cooling" to 80 degrees. While sleeping under such conditions would be an effective weight loss program, the sweat-soddened mattress would surely reach critical mass and crash through my unsuspecting neighbor's ceiling.

As you've already guessed, the living room is air conditioned. Staying in my living room with the air conditioner running incessantly has an adverse effect on my electric bill. It went from around 20 dollars to 52 dollars . . . then God created a power generation consortium from which to reap massive profits off the peoples he had created a few days before. God looked and saw that his consortium was good. The eighth day.


Blogger Joe said...

The heat wave continues here as well. On the other hand, electric rates here are so high that I believe they start at around $52 and increase from there.

Just a thought, but perhaps you can set up a webcam in the bedroom, call it performance art, (something along the lines of "Sweaty Indians Fan" and earn enough to offset the increased electric bill.

8:26 AM

Blogger roger said...

Will do. I will need the 3-second delay so the kiddies can't hear all the swears.

3:36 PM


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