Monday, July 18, 2005

note taking

Something I once wrote down: "That was the other girl with the really big head." I think it was potential dialogue. But I failed to note whatever hilarious scene I had constructed to contain that comment. I know people with big heads are inherently kind of funny, but I'm not sure it's a slam dunk on its own like that.

What I'm saying is take thorough notes people. Don't let this happen to you.


Anonymous solyluna said...

maybe you meant to emphasize "other" in your note-taking. As in "that was the other girl with the big head --- though now to think about it, it seems like you were surrounded by girls with big heads, which makes me wonder, what kind of freak party were you at?!

11:31 AM

Blogger roger said...

Right. I've determined it stemmed from 2 factors. 1. A guy I know dated a girl with a big head. We called her "big head todd" - I waited until she dumped him - c'mon. 2. The scene in Tommy Boy when Tommy accidentally holds up the bank and the kid says something like, "Oh like it was some other really fat guy with a tiny head."

6:04 PM


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