Tuesday, February 23, 2010

flipping us off

So . . . the baby is now "head down." Head down, hard at work, probably working on hirs first hit play. s/he will succeed where the father has failed. It's the circle of life, yo.

As of Sunday night, we would be in the hospital right now, freaking out about being responsible for another human being. But theMonica's doctor got all up-in there and felt what might have been cuddlebunny's skull. That being the case she ordered another ultra-sound for yesterday morning where we were immediately informed that the baby was where it was supposed to be after taking its good ol' time to get where it was going. (I do not mean to call our baby "it," but there needs to be a gender-ambiguous pronoun in English other than it. Canadians, get on that.) Baby did this on the sly. It is ninja baby. So instead of freaking out about our new bundle of responsibility, baby is still safely ensconced in theMonica's womb. Pheww. Bullet dodged.

For now. The original due date was 2/26, so that only buys me 3 more days. It looks like the perfect time for a 3-day bender.

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Blogger May-B said...

Ninja baby! Watch out for blow darts and throwing stars. If theMonica thinks labour hurts with a normal baby, a ninja baby is going to be worse.

You're going to be awesome parents. But drinking while you can is probably not a bad idea.

Tee hee. My word verification is angste

11:53 AM

Blogger Queen of West Procrastination said...

I'm unreasonably excited about the arrival of the cuddlebunny, considering the fact that I don't know you in real life.

And I think we should appoint Ky to come up with the gender-ambiguous pronoun. I've encountered people who've used "hir", but that only works in writing.

4:00 PM

Anonymous rs2 said...

There was a night shift nurse that called Lucy 50 times. "I gave IT some formula because IT's blood sugar was low and IT drank 2 ounces" She was already known to be a girl though.

6:50 PM


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