Monday, September 28, 2009

hello winter

First of all, to all my facebook friends, I do not care about your farm. I don't believe you even have free-range chickens. How can I respect that? You probably grow tomatoes as well. I HATE tomatoes. I really have no interest in your farm unless you grow beer. I don't even know if that's possible, but if it is, I want 100 bushels sent via facebook instead of all these odd pictures that I never look at/can't understand.

Also, if theMonica comments on something on facebook and it's especially foul-mouthed (or hilarious?), it's probably me. She does not log out of the system! I am left to wonder, who is this person and when did I become their friend? I mean, we have a lot of friend overlap, BUT she is a lot more popular than I am. *sigh*. Speaking of theMonica, I have made her a smartass. She has always been funny and whatnot, but now she like burns me. It's weird. I can't really say anything because I'm forever teasing her, but like, whoah! I've fallen into the sarchasm!

Also, it is our anniversary tomorrow (well, in 10 minutes). Should I wake her with breakfast in bed? Since it's midnight, she's probably not hungry. At any rate, she's like the best wife ever. I mean, who can put up with my shenanigans and still want to remain married? Not that I am tying her shoes together or anything, but I know I can be annoying. Well, or so I've been told.

Also, the title - yes, it was like 50 degrees out today with HIGH WINDS. OK, the wind was blowing pretty gustily, but I don't need to here 20 different co-workers talking about it. I didn't see any cows flying around or anything. Get over it people.

Also, this is like the tenth paragraph I've started with also.

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Blogger May-B said...

Happy Anniversary. TheMonica is a good woman. A brave woman. An icon, really.

11:28 PM

Blogger LynnieC said...

Dude, pretty much all of my paragraphs start with also. Or dude.

Also, I totally agree about the Facebook farm. I really could not care less about your stupid farm, your zoo, your sorority, etc.

And the second also was only 1/2 on purpose. There was really no other way to start that.

1:11 AM


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