Wednesday, September 23, 2009

jack palance just got hispanic on your ass

I was watching The Professionals which I remembered seeing had Jack Palance in it. Why hadn't I seen him? Oh, right, he is playing the Jesus Raza character -- my bad.

These movies always interest me where they will have, you know, real, actual Mexicans in most of the parts, but then they'll put Jack Palance out in the sun for 3 days straight so he can play a Mexican. Was Hollywood really so bereft of Mexican acting talent in 1966? Surely there was already a huge immigrant population. Couldn't they tapped into that market?

Strange choices, but it's the kind of thing you'll see all the time in "old" movies. Old movies, who am I kidding? It wasn't so long ago Fisher Stevens was rockin' the "brown face" for Short Circuit. I mean, you couldn't find another HUMAN that's as funny as Fisher Stevens, let alone an actual Indian guy.

At any rate, Jack gets the girl. She probably wasn't really Mexican herself and wasn't married to the old white dude at all! It's all lies with these Hollywood types!

Burt Lancaster was awesome - per usual.

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Blogger liz said...

After letting my son watch SHort Circuit on Netflix (I was desperate for cooking time, and he'd seen Wall-e too many times) I just had to Google "Fisher Stevens brownface." You pretty much said what I was thinking. I can hardly believe this was going on as late as 1986, but it's probably still going on.

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