Monday, September 21, 2009

sleep deeply my bee friends, sleep . . . DEAD!

I just unloaded 3/4trs of a can of bee killer on a nest of bees I believe lives in a bush out in front of our house. I don't know what they did, but they constructed some sort of super-city well within our midst. But now, they are dead (if I am to believe the can from which the kill spray spewed).

This is not really blog-worthy, but that picture of the lady had to be freaking everyone out - especially all my potential new readers. I mean, I'm not sure that I'm ready for new readers. I already bear an awesome responsibility which I can hardly manage. But I don't want to alienate people outright. Ha - get it? Alienate, with an alien picture. Damn! You can't write that stuff.



Blogger Soph said...

where is this photo that you speak of?

11:32 PM

Blogger Teacher Lady said...

I like bees this story makes me sad. A bee keeper would have totally come out to your place and removed them for free.

12:49 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, that picture of the lady was totally freaking me out...with how great your graphic arts skillz are.

Also, today I read a book with a character named Monica, and every time I saw her name, I accidentally inserted a "the" in front of it. So thanks for that.

1:45 AM

Blogger roger said...

Soph - look below. If you dare!

Janny - I did not know that. Now I feel bad. Great. There are no winners here (but especially the bees). What about groundhogs? Is there a groundhog removal service? Probably not, but I bet there would be if groundhogs vomited gasoline.

Ky - I am glad that my abuse of the English language has infected your mind like a hilarious virus that makes you laugh unexpectedly and hinders your reading skillz. I am the ebola blog!

7:54 AM


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