Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Summer is starting to leave us. It's still warm - very lovely today - but I know what the morrow brings. The morrow brings tons and tons of leaves dumped on my beautiful, grassless yard. And the morrow after morrow brings tons and tons of pure, white snow unto my cracked, crumbling driveway. Do you know what the street value of my property will be?

At any given time I have 8 to 10 tabs on my firefox open to articles I am "going to read" or "am reading". But, it's tough. I'm at work staring at a computer for 8 hours a day at a minimum, so when I come home, I'd rather watch some tv or something. Wait, that's the same thing without a keyboard. I'd rather watch a movie . . . no. I'd rather go backpacking through the Alps. Ok, that should be a big enough divergent. But truthfully, I usually come home and cut up some sticks and then read a little or watch the Indians lose or pop in a netflix (sorry to you that found me via a "sex in netflix" search; I have no insight on the matter).

What's now for me? Well, I'm back in training. I've decided that I eat entirely too much junk. I don't want to get rid of all the junk from my diet, that's no fun. But I figure if I can cut it by about 50% I'll be better off for the effort. I have also been drinking less. This is entirely a function of getting older/friends having babies/fewer social engagements. I always figured this would happen and it's all well and good. I'm getting too old for slugging 'em back 3 days a week. That said, I think I'm taking Friday off because my Steelers are opening the season Thursday night. How's that for avoiding temptation?

So, blog vote. Do these meandering pointless-ish posts do anything for you? Are you waiting for the punchline? Sometimes the writing of the thing is the thing. Especially when the resulting thing kind of sucks. I'll get 'em next time.

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Blogger Teacher Lady said...

Two things:
1)What does "cut up some sticks" mean?
2) There is a typo in your tag or you verbing the polish word for Tritium

9:32 PM

Blogger roger said...

If you spoke fluent polish, you would know what I meant. Ok, fine typo.

"Cut up some sticks" means engage in gang warfare. No, it's actually in reference to all the trees that fall down in my back yard. See previous post!

7:14 AM

Blogger Teacher Lady said...

Sorry, mostly being a smart ass.

12:17 AM


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