Wednesday, September 16, 2009

something wicked this way comes

Some co-workers and I were at the mall food court today and saw a sight of which has never been seen - at least by any of us. Worse still, once seen, you can't "unsee" something. It's there forever, haunting you.

I should say, before going on, that this isn't my usual kind of thing to write about. No, normally, I would let something like this go without a word. But I figured since you might be seeing this on NatGeo after the girl who cries blood, that you might want a heads up.

Please take a moment to consider . . .
Neverminding the alien-type head (which LOL'ed me when I drew it), the ziggy hand and my the police sketch artist's general lack of ability to convey things via picture, that bitmap pretty much accurately represents what we saw. A lady with a ginormous chest and a greater inability to find supportive undergarments. I think. I mean, it was just the oddest thing. Maybe she blew her bra out? I am at a loss.

Her shirt was low cut as well, because, you know, let it all hang out. And we are OMGing all over the place. Then we see that she has sat down with 2 business men (?) looking dudes in suits. And on the way out, we notice that they are very intensely discussing something. Man, I would have given 5 dollars to listen in on that conversation.

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