Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I was in bed this morning have dreams about that movie, but unable to think of its name. I kept wanting to call it Manhattan. Hmmm, I don't think Woody Allen could handle all the violence inherent in a strike-busting scenario. I mean, he's creepy and all, but the hardened coal-miner type would probably just kick his ass - and rightfully so.

At any rate, did I tell you another tree fell down? It was split in half when the first tree fell. Did I tell you about that? I believe I did not . . . here you go:
Now, trees falling NOT on your house are 24k gold - do not get me wrong. But it kind of sucks when you have to cut it into four foot sections and bundle those sections and then put them on your treelawn. I suppose I could have rented a wood-chipper, but after the unfortunate incident I'm afraid of them (seeing Fargo).

At any rate, when that bad boy went down a tree further in the back of the yard went in half. It gamely held on for a few weeks and then crashed on the fence - denting it nicely. And then I had to cut and bundle that bastard. Ah yes people, buy a home, a home with a lot of trees - immediately!

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