Monday, January 19, 2009

machine go boom go boom

It saddens me to report that machine go boom is no more.

I have to say I've done my part as I've probably seen them play dozens of times. The last time they played I was going to go, but then didn't. And since the dissolution of the band was announced after their last show, I was taken by surprise. I kind of feel like when you have a big fight with somebody and then they die in a fiery car crash and then you feel like it's your fault because you said all those mean things and wished they were never born and whatnot. The remorse is thick. Maybe if I had been in the audience, my extra person would have embiggened them enough to go on. Probably not.

Alas, it wasn't to be. Godspeed machine go boom. You will be missed.

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Blogger Alan said...

How did you find out they disbanded?

10:12 PM

Blogger roger said...

mailing list:

if you wish to reply to this email, reply to
yup. in case you haven't already heard:

we in Machine Go Boom are closing up shop for good...machine no more.

we would like to thank all the folks who helped us out so much over the past 7 years...if it wasn't for some folks (we're looking at you Lou Muenz, Mike Uva) we probably wouldn't have been able to tie our collective shoes...we've met some awesome people and made alot of friends and we love you all

we're not playing a "final show" or anything like that...maybe you'll see us play again in the future if a big (and lucrative) wave of nostalgia hits the northeast...but till then you'll probably just see us around cleveland hanging out and heckling younger bands : )

it's been fun,

12:41 AM

Blogger Joe said...

So...they're basically saying that they're joining the cult of Roger and will be swilling beer and watching bands.

I blame this all on you.

8:45 AM


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