Thursday, January 08, 2009

corey hart = LASIK recipient

That's why I'm wearing sunglasses at night. And really, sensitivity to light due to eye lasering is one of two legitimate reasons to wear sunglasses at night, not so you can watch someone weave/breath their dreams. (Corey Hart may also be a drug user.) The other legitimate reason for wearing sunglasses at night is because the sun never sets on cool. That's speaking from experience friends.

Anyway, it was a funky experience. It didn't really hurt; it wasn't really uncomfortable, but it was more funky than anything else. At any rate, the first 4 or 5 hours after the procedure were annoying, but otherwise, thumbs up. Go for it.

Saul = God LASIK. All the annals of history have opened to me. I can see the past so clearly. And the future's so bright.

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Blogger Soph said...

Congrats friend - now if you are ever robbed in the middle of the night you'll be able to see the dbags from your window - oh wait you live in Westlake not in CA

7:41 PM


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