Tuesday, December 02, 2008

damn - more than a week?

It seemed like I was blogging for every five minutes for awhile there (ok, for 10 minutes), but it had been a week since my last post? That's crazy. I blacked out for like 3 of the days, but geez. Oh and it was Thanksgiving. I take it all back. I was intermittently stuffing my face and hosting like 87 members of my family. My bad. But yah, I should post more often - for some reason. It's like when people say they should read more. Ok. But why? I don't know, I can get incrementally smarter over longish periods of time. I mean, it's kind of silly when you think about it. And I'm a reader.

Of course, applying this logic over the entirety of human function renders most things "silly," as it were.

In a note related to my previous post: David Lovering would like for you to make believe you're Debbie G.

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