Tuesday, April 29, 2008

theMonica and I discussing the new Sex in the City movie trailer last night . . .

Me: That will not be funny.
theMonica: HILARIOUS!
Me: I am funnier than that movie.
theMonica: Whatever. You just don't get it.
Me: I get it; it's just not funny.
theMonica: Men are from Mars; women are from Venus.
Me: Women are from the planet where shit isn't funny.
theMonica: Men are shit.

Wow, that really escalated quickly. You killed a man with a trident. You should probably lay low for a while. Seriously.

Imagine the man-hating BEFORE she met me.



Blogger may-b said...

She's right. On both counts. It will be a good movie because the show is brilliant and I deem it must be so. Also, men are shit. You should know this by now.

12:44 AM

Blogger Joe said...

Yes, I learned long ago to mock S&tC at my own peril. Doing so is akin to a woman guys have an inexplicable fondness for.

Explosions? Home Depot? I have no idea.

8:11 AM

Blogger roger said...

Totally. Also, comparing Wal-Mart favorably to Target has almost got my eyes clawed out on a number of occasions (different women too!).

8:24 AM

Blogger Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Our conversation went like this.

Me: Why God?
theGabe: THAT is what the world needs. A Sex in the City movie.
Me: Why are people so stupid?
theGabe: I hate those bitches. I hope they all die.
Me: Wow. You hate it more than I do. Take it easy.

Still, sometimes I think I am from Mars, except I like Hello Kitty and Brad Pitt.

1:02 PM

Blogger Teacher Lady said...

I'm with you Roger. Don't listen to Bron, she also loves Two and a Half Men.

8:17 PM


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