Monday, February 25, 2008

CVS - for all your eye patch needs

I absolutely hate having to pay ATM fees. I am old enough to remember when no ATM anywhere had a fee associated with it, let alone your bank charging you an additional fee for using an "out-of-network" ATM. It is not my fault that the stupid bank doesn't have enough convenient ATM locations. But today, I was kind of stuck. I had concocted a yogurt parfait (fresh fruit + yogurt - is that all that's required of a parfait?) and was going to pay when I realized I might not have enough money to purchase my parfait. I had 4 bucks. The problem with the self-constructed parfait is that the fresh fruit is weigh-paid. I wasn't really sure how much it would cost especially since I had used the larger container (having previously used only the smaller one). There is an office ATM, but it's not part of my inherent banking world (naturally). I could have hid the parfait somewhere in the cafeteria, left, went out into the cold, cold air and walked to a fee-free ATM. I calculated this would take me about 15 minutes. I also knew I would feel guilty if someone discovered my parfait and tossed it - wasteful! I'm also lazy. But man, do I hate ATM fees. Ok, so I'm more lazy/guilty-feeling than a hater of ATM fees. Laziness - the most powerful force in humanity.

Later I had to make a trip to CVS . . . my hands are sand-paper dry. Combine that with winter and my hands are . . . steel-wool dry (?). So I was out of lotion and I need some - and how! Off to the CVS. I also picked-up some Visine for contacts (my contacts have been bugging the crap out of me lately . . . laser eyes, here I come!) where eye spied an eye patch. For serious? People go to CVS for eye patches? "Let's see. Let me fill out my list for CVS: lotion, visine for contacts, eye patch, super glue, rubber chicken, prosthetic leg, cool ranch doritos, zagnuts - 1 bushel, hook." I'm sorry, that was my stock pirate shopping list.

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Blogger Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...


3:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool Ranch Doritos: snack choice of all pirates. It's a fact.

11:32 PM

Blogger Alan said...

Did a hobo offer to hold open the door for money while you were there?

10:57 PM

Blogger faemum said...

my nine month old wears eye patches for 6 hours a day after contact lens surgery , will do for many years, many babies and young children wear them . we go through about 40 eye patches a week.i guess people buy them wherever they can . i was googling CVS eye patches to find out what a CVS is as saw a message on a board that the CVS patches don't cause an allergic reaction like some other brands can.
if a CVS is a store that also sells contact lens solution (and yep , the nine mth old has a contact lens as her natural eye lens was surgically removed) then i would buy patches there when i buy lens solution.
i guess all these babies are pirates and hobos ?
try googling Amblyopia and find out how many babies and children in your area wear eye patches ? perhaps these kids are picked on at school or embarrassed and don't wear patches as often as they should and then don't have the chance to repair their vision.

10:27 PM

Blogger faemum said...

ahh, now i see , CVS is a Pharmacy ? would it not be marginally cleaver to assume that is where people Would buy medical needs like eye patches ?

10:31 PM

Blogger roger said...

It was more a comment on the variety of product at CVS. Sorry if I offended.

11:59 PM


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