Wednesday, June 20, 2007

new weight-loss plan

Ok, this is really simple. The new plan is for it to be 85 degrees F (about 30 deg. C, for my Canadian peeps) throughout the night. I sweat profusely for about 6 hours and then I get up, having to take a shower, despite showering the night before immediately prior to bed.

Further possible enhancements:

Wrapping myself in garbage bags (preferably sans garbage).

Eating chicken wings whilst sleeping (still trying to iron out the kinks on this one).

Sleeping in the tub to ease next morning clean-up.

Actually lighting myself on fire (might be other considerations here).

Anyway, feel free to appropriate this weight-loss plan for yourself. It's yours for the taking.

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Blogger MCBias said...

Exactly! Don't forget, make sure to forget to put the winter blanket away, and then wake up for a few mornings in a row wondering "Why did I sweat so much? Am I nervous about something?" until realizing that you still have the winter blanket. Not that that, um, ever happened to anyone I know.

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