Thursday, June 07, 2007

i'm as happy as a little girl

I know approximately 98% of you couldn't care less, but the Cleveland Cavaliers are in the NBA Finals.

If you're looking for detailed match-ups or intriguing subplots (or solid sentence structure), you've come to the wrong place. I'm only concerned with how this makes me feel personally - in a word, vomitty. Raw nerves coupled with saccharin-sweet anticipation, presaging the promise of profuse profanity.

The Cavs are in the NBA Finals - fuck yah!

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Anonymous Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I thought of you immediately when the Cavs won.

Is that strange?

12:26 PM

Blogger Teacher Lady said...

I think it is weird that I thought of you also, a man that I have never met in real life, when the Cavs won. I am in the 2% that cares. Don't group me with other Canadian girls.

8:48 PM

Blogger May-B said...

Even I am happy for you that the Calfs won. I think it's great!

4:30 AM

Blogger roger said...

You're all so sweet. *HUGS*

1:04 PM

Blogger Teacher Lady said...

Calfs? May-be, your words betray.

8:06 PM

Blogger Joe said...

Yes, yes. But please do something about giving us at least a decent game to watch...if not a decent series.

8:09 AM

Blogger roger said...

I almost stayed in bed all day and hide. I give and I give, but it's never enough!

8:36 AM


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