Wednesday, March 02, 2011

if faces could talk*

Silent movies can be difficult to watch. They don't have enough fps; they can be kind of silly and some random 2 people will fall in love within 8 seconds of meeting. Over time, you're expectations morph to accommodate the nuances.

That said I love to watch the actors' !!!!!*F*A*C*E*S*!!!!! They sometimes make these HUGE expressions in the comforting knowledge that even those kids in the cheap seats will be able to discern the emotion. Of course, they are on camera. The effort is lost. But hey, I still appreciate it. But not as much as I appreciate the first director who said, "Hey. You can stop doing that with your face."

* Dick Enberg said this on a football telecast once. It was the end of the game and (I think) the Denver Broncos were about to suffer a crushing defeat (?). They showed a lineman on the sideline sporting frowny face and Dick says, “If faces could talk.” Now, I don’t know about you, but my face can talk – especially the mouth part of my face. The rest of my face says, “HANDSOME!” I think he meant to say something like, “If these faces were micced and were talking right now . . .”? I’m not sure. He might have had early onset of senility. (This was before he was old enough to legitimately be saying that kind of stuff.)



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