Monday, November 29, 2010

the baby snores

That's my NEW new band name. It reads as a sentence or a phrase and that interpretation is indeed up to the listener.

Anyway, the baby was snoring and I thought how cute it was. That led me to my new band name. I mean, my band isn't going to be tough or skilled. The best I can hope for is cute.

Speaking of the baby, he is snoring right now. A little, car ride induced nap. Odd in that he hates napping. He's in his car seat with his George Mallory-style baby parka on. This is a difficult time to be a father. Do I try to disrobe him/remove him from his carseat or do I let sleeping babies lie and leave him be until he wakes up. Normally, it's one-in-the-same as he'll only nap for 5 minutes, but this nap continues.

These are the pressures of fatherhood my friends. Tread carefully.

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