Thursday, January 27, 2011

your baby doesn't love you anymore

At least that's what you think when he's all, "MOMMA!" when you go to give him smoochies too in the morning. WTFL? We were like best buds 12 hours ago now you're gettin' all maternal on me??

So, I have just given up an epic battle with my sister-in-law's computer. You are thinking, "Don't quit Roger! You can do it." Can I? No, I cannot. I cannot out tech support the devil. It's just not possible. It has some kind of hardware problem and hardware problems are the enemies of IT nerds everywhere. So much harder to diagnose and lull you into a false sense of security then WHAMMO, here's some 4-bit display modes (uhhh, rub vaseline on your eyes for an approximation).

But, the computer is old and I hoard computer stuff. After I admitted failure, I took an old machine of mine and made it the unholy union of the two of our computers. Hers was a stupid dell with all it's jacked up innards. Oh well, I think I've saved her from buying a new machine. At least for a week or so.

Anyone in Cleveland on 2/4, I'm getting a group together to go to Lake Erie Monsters game. This is hockey for all you Canucks out there. Like, NHL - so close. What's the drive from Regina? 45 minutes? I'm not good at geography or driving.

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Blogger Teacher Lady said...

Oooo, I've never been to an AHL game before. We don't have any pro hockey around here. The closest pro team geographically (but furthest from my heart) is the Calgary Flame. If traffic is good, it would probably take about a half hour. If not, it could take up to 26 hours.

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